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New Global Report: Gender-Based Workplace Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

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Clique para acessar o material: Preventing Gender-Based Workplace Discrimination and Sexual Harassment — New Data on 193 Countries.

Around the world, women are less likely than men to participate in the labor force and are paid less on average than their male counterparts.  Workers can face discrimination and inequality on the basis of their gender, as well as on the basis of age, social class, race/ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability.  National action that guarantees freedom from all forms of workplace discrimination and harassment is central to achieving global goals of gender equality and advancing sustainable development.

To understand whether countries are doing enough to prevent gender discrimination and support women’s equal opportunities at work, the WORLD Policy Analysis Center performed a systematic analysis of the thousands of national laws and policies related to women and employment discrimination in all 193 UN member states.  In this launch, WORLD is sharing new data, maps, and a global report, providing detailed information on protections of sexual harassment at work and across workplace dimensions—equal pay, promotions and/or demotions, and training.

To access these tools and learn more, please check out the resources below:

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